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Communication Tower


Provide global customers with leading technology, reliable quality energy storage solutions

Solutions: Projects
Wireless Access Point Installation

DX Cells products and solutions are widely used in telecommunications domain, including:

  • Indoor backup power

  • Building site backup power

  • Outdoor site power

  • Residential & building system

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Component & Capacity solution, scalable and customized design based on each project demand

  • Commercial ESS

  • Industrial ESS

  • Residential ESS


DX Cells is committed to providing the best quality safe and reliable LiFePO4 batteries, investing the R&D of intelligent battery management systems and network platforms. Putting users' safety, experience and convenience in the first place. 

  • LFP batteries and BMS (dimension and specification can be customized based on business demand)

  • Systematic assembled EV:
    Electronic bicycle/ motorcycle/ tricycle/ four-wheeler

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