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DX Cells provides scalable solutions to satisfy various kinds of needs for clean and sustainable power.
Our products and solutions are widely used in telecommunication networks, enterprise networks, electric vehicles, solar power stations, wind power stations, civil energy storage and other fields. 
Our products seamlessly integrate into existing system in accordance with all standards of certification.

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Solar Energy


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Battery/ Battery Module
Energy Storage System

DX Cells focuses on Lithium-ion batteries development and production in Telecommunication and Energy Storage System (ESS) industry.

String Inverter
Solar module

DX Cells is an official distributor and integrator of Huawei String Inverter and a wide range of solar modules. 
We offer all kinds of these components within your budget and efficiently.

LFP Battery
Whole Vehicles

DX Cells provides customized Lithium Battery for all usages e-bike company. Also we provide customized whole vehicles solutions, including all types of e-bike, e-motorcycle, e-tricycle, and four-wheelers.

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